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Personal attention to reach YOUR goals
with Natalier Fitness - in my studio or
in the privacy of your own home.

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"My golf-specific workouts have made
me stronger and more flexible. My game
has improved and I remain injury-free."

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"I need to stay in shape to do the
things I love. Focused personal
training gives me that edge."

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"Thanks to my post-rehab workouts
  I'm back doing what I love, sooner
  than I ever expected."

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"I've lost inches and gained
 confidence with health coaching."

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"Core and balance training make
 my daily activities a breeze."

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Will-power is not enough to establish
a healthy lifestyle. I'm here to be your
coach and cheerleader.

Personal training means results. Invest in yourself today!

Whether it’s weight loss and general fitness, or strength training for your favorite
activity you can experience major results, faster, by working with a personal trainer.

Meet Michelle Natalier

Michelle Natalier

I’m sure we all know by now the importance of both physical activity and a healthy diet, yet most of us struggle with maximizing both to our benefit.

My goal is to help you through these struggles by teaching, motivating and inspiring you to reach your optimum fitness and wellness goals.

I am here to help you achieve your PERSONAL BEST through coaching and personal training.

Be the best that you can be! It’s possible!

Education & Certifications

Bachelor of Education – Health and Physical Education

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

Personal TrainerAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE)

Health CoachAmerican Council on Exercise (ACE)

Golf Fitness ProfessionalTitleist Performance Institute

Healthcare ProviderAmerican Heart Association

Ace, Titleist & American Heart Association Certified

Personalized Service for Today’s Fitness Goals

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Balance

  • Weight Loss

  • Lifestyle Changes

  • Flexibility

  • Sports Performance

  • Dietary Habits

  • Post-Rehab

Come share my passion for health and physical fitness!

Michelle Natalier - Personal Fitness Coach

I was born & raised in Brisbane, Australia. I moved to San Diego in the early ’90’s and my background in Health & Physical Education and experience as a teacher prepared me for a career in Personal Fitness Training.

Physical Activity has always been a big part of my life. I played tennis, softball & soccer into my mid-twenties. Then I caught the endurance bug & participated in numerous marathons & triathlons, my favorites being Boston and NYC. I have since retired from running marathons and now have a more balanced workout regime that includes cycling, running, strength training and stretching.

About 10 years ago I was introduced to the game of golf & have since become an avid fan. I play & practice whenever I can to maintain my single-digit handicap.

In addition to my workouts, cycling, & golf I enjoy travel, reading, playing in the ocean and spending time with friends. I also love supporting local theater and discovering new restaurants.

And Now Some Words From My Clients…

I’ve had the privilege of working with many, many clients with a tremendous variety of needs and goals.
It’s my pleasure to share their feedback with you.

“We’re thrilled with the results.”

Michelle customized a training program tailored for each of us and we’re thrilled with the results. With her experience as a professional educator, she understands how to motivate people based on their different personalities and goals.”
– M.B., San Diego, California, trains in sessions with a partner

I love my best friend, but even when we were both out of shape, we were really different. I was a couch potato but super-flexible; she was a hiker recovering from a back injury, but rarely stretched and couldn’t touch her toes. When I asked if she knew any good personal trainers, she suggested we save money by working out together. Still, I was skeptical.

Michelle customized a training program tailored for each of us, and we’re thrilled with the results. With her experience as a professional educator, she understands how to motivate people based on their different personalities and goals. I’d been a bit skeptical, too, worried that we wouldn’t stick with the program. But with Michelle, our workouts are always fun and never boring – which is probably why we haven’t missed a single one since we started 8 months ago. Not to mention that feeling fitter (and more flexible!) feels fantastic.

MB and LVG, San Diego, California - best friends and workout partners

I am an older woman and avid golfer so aging issues and fitness go hand-in-hand. I began training with Michelle in 2010 and have continued my workouts regularly for the last four years. Over time there has been consistent improvement in strength, balance and coordination. Michelle encourages my cardio exercise and we frequently discuss the value of good nutrition.

As might be expected, the occasional sports related muscle strain and a lower back issue have cropped up during the last four years. Michelle has worked through them with me, altering my workout regimen and paying close attention to exercise instructions from my physician. I have the highest regard for Michelle’s knowledge and professionalism, and recommend her without reservation. My work with her has truly made a difference in my life!

MF, San Diego, California - an avid golfer
“My wife and I have been working out with Michelle for over 20 years. We have been doing this continuously, three times per week. She comes to our home which is extremely convenient. The routines have helped us a great deal. By the way, I’m 89 years old (of course I don’t look it or feel it thanks to Michelle!) and my wife is 5 yrs younger.”
RG, North San Diego County - 89 years young

Over the years I have tried various ways to ‘get into shape’ such as walking programs, gyms, fitness centers, fitness classes and personal trainers at centers. After a few months or a year, I dropped out of all the programs because of boredom or inconvenience. Five years ago a friend told me about Michelle. I started working with her and have never considered quitting. I feel healthier, stronger and fitter than I have in many years.

Michelle has seen me through recoveries from a broken leg and a hip replacement, working with physical therapists on my regaining strength and balance. She works with a sensitive awareness of my mental and emotional states as we address my physical training. She is a joy to work with and has made a huge difference in my life.

PA, Del Mar, California - tried various methods before personal fitness training

Join me today and experience the difference!